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Greetings from KC2UFO, where veterans, hippies and aliens seem to coexist peacefully.

KC2UFO, founded in 1999 as a special events and educational amateur radio club by Dave [K4UZM] and Kath [W2KAT] Slawson, has held events from Canada to Florida, investigating hauntings, introducing lighthouses at International Lighthouse Weekends [sometimes both at the same time] and celebrating as well as conversing with members of our armed forces, past and present. We're also prepared to communicate with aliens on an as-needed basis for ten minutes or until such time as we realize that they [the extraterrestrials] are not properly-licensed amateur radio operators, whichever is shorter [the time, not the ETs]. Because we specialize in getting random people and other life forms to play with us while they learn about the fun of amateur radio.

Since the 2012 Mayan End of The World, we use this page to let you locate your certificate for most of the KC2UFO special events.

In our never-ending effort To Save The World® not to mention our cheapness, we do not mail Special Event Certificates.

For your certificates, turn off headers & footers in your browser's printer setup program [check print preview] unless you want them printed on the certificate. You may need to engage shrink to fit or sizing. The certificates print most reliably using portrait rather than landscape, especially in Internet Explorer. Other browsers may tend to shrink things, so you may be able to use landscape. Again, use the ole Print Preview to see what is really going to come out of your printer.

If you would like a QSL Card for the event, please go to eQSL.cc and send us a card. If you are not a member, please sign up with them. It is FREE and a great way to QSL!

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November 2014 Veterans Day Special Event

October 2014 KC2UFO Trick or Treat Special Event

August 2014 Coast Guard Day Special Event

2014 Memorial Day Special Event

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2012-2013 Mayan Game Over Special Event

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In order to get your Certificate please use this page as above to print your own online.

If you would like a QSL Card for the event, please go to eQSL.cc; and send us a card. If you are not a member, please sign up with them. It is FREE and a great way to QSL!

73, from all of us here at KC2UFO.

Special thanks to N4LEM & Kim Slawson & N4UTQ for their patience and support.

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Some Events

2014 Memorial Day Special Event

2012 Mayan End of the World

Tibbets Point Lighthouse at Cape Vincent, New York, USA, on Lake Ontario

Owls Head Lighthouse at Owls Head, Maine, USA

War of the Worlds Monument at Grover's Mill Park in West Windsor, New Jersey, USA

Totally outdated KC2UFO archive

Remember, member info and email stuff OLD and INACCURATE in the archive pages!

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